帕尔默三一中学 believes schools have a special role and responsibility in confronting the challenges of climate change and environmental stewardship. 学校致力于在课堂内外解决这些问题. We are working to create replicable models of how schools can engage their entire community in implementing innovative and economically viable solutions that build a 健康ier, 更可持续的校园. These green initiatives help 帕尔默三一中学 achieve its goals of promoting a cultural change within the school and becoming a sustainable school for the long term.
PTS的可持续发展是一群学生, 老师, 和员工一起努力实现环境可持续发展的未来. We envision a world in which a respect for our planet and its inhabitants comes naturally to all members of our community.

Schools are beginning to recognize the need to reflect the reality that humanity is affecting the environment in ways which are historically unprecedented and which are potentially devastating for both natural ecosystems and humankind. 学校具有独特的地位,可以影响我们作为一个社会选择的方向. 作为价值的主要贡献者, 健康, 以及社会福利, 学校有教授可持续发展的基本责任. We believe that the success of schools in the twenty-first century will be judged by our ability to make sustainability and the environment a cornerstone of education (adapted from www.ulsf.org).

欲了解更多信息,请联系博士. 莱奥波尔多Llinás lllinas@gubingkangfu.com.
  • 教育和增强学生的能力,使他们拥有一个健康的环境, 社会就, 经济上可行的生活方式.
  • To create replicable models of how schools can engage their entire community around implementing innovative and economically viable solutions that build a 健康ier, 更可持续的校园.
  • To reduce the school’s carbon footprint in the short term and achieve carbon neutrality in the long term.
  • 社区-我们共同努力,建立一个可持续发展的全球社会.
  • 管理-我们为改善自然环境和社会环境承担责任.
  • 公民身份——我们拥有性格的力量和做正确事情的勇气.
  • 创造健康的学习环境,将学生与自然联系起来.
  • 为学生提供可持续生活的知识、价值观、长远眼光和技能.
  • 随着时间的推移,减少帕尔默三一学校的环境足迹.
  • 让学校社区的所有成员参与进来,帮助制定和实现我们的可持续发展目标.



  • 无瓶水净化系统

    帕尔默三一学校致力于减少塑料废物. 我们使用无瓶水净化系统来满足您的用水需求. 这些系统提供了一个更健康的, 更可持续的, 也是传统瓶装水更安全的替代品. Bottle-less water purification systems eliminate the waste and environmental degradation associated with the transport, 运送及处理塑胶水瓶.
  • 蝴蝶花园

    蝴蝶花园, 游客们了解吸引蝴蝶的植物, 如何提高蝴蝶的数量, 一般的保护措施. 通过种植多种寄主植物, 帕尔默三一中学 provides nectar-rich sources for butterflies and food for their caterpillars while the community enjoys watching them grow and transform into adult butterflies. 蝴蝶园为学生提供了一个良好的学习环境.
  • 减少碳足迹承诺

    In 2009, 帕尔默圣三一学校加入绿色学校联盟, K到12的公共联盟, 私人, 私立学校联合起来对气候变化和环境采取行动. 随着时间的推移,学校致力于减少碳足迹.
  • 社区服务

    帕尔默三一学校致力于加强校园和社区的可持续发展. 学生组织各种环保服务项目,包括清理海滩, 红树林的种植, 沙丘恢复, 还有松树洛克兰工作日,这只是学校提供的一些机会/项目.
  • 珊瑚实验室

    珊瑚实验室是海洋生物学的教育、培训和研究中心. An essential part of the lab’s mission is to provide students with hands-on experience by conducting research both in the laboratory and out in the field. Teachers and students form partnerships to study the diverse and abundant marine organisms found in the ocean and solve complex environmental problems. 学生为自己的学习和成长负责,因为他们创建了自己的课程.
  • 绿色梦想

    2012年,帕尔默三一学校参加了绿色学校挑战赛,加入了绿色梦想. The mission of 绿色梦想 is to: 1) develop and implement environmental educational programs that promote energy and water conservation and efficiency, 环境可持续性, and the use of renewable energy; and 2) raise awareness and deepen understanding of environmental and energy issues confronting local and global communities. 点击了解更多关于绿色梦想的信息 在这里.
  • 飞兆的挑战

    仙童挑战, 由仙童热带植物园赞助, is a multidisciplinary environmental education outreach program designed to give school students an opportunity to learn about their environment and respond to what they have learned creatively through friendly competition. The challenge fosters interest in the environment by encouraging students to appreciate the beauty and value of nature and become actively engaged citizens. 要了解更多关于仙童挑战赛的信息,请点击 在这里.
  • FEV停车

    帕尔默三一中学 offers preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles in special designated spaces (labeled FEV: Fuel Efficiency Vehicle) throughout the campus. 为了在这些空间中停车,车辆的城市/公路综合每加仑英里数必须达到或更高. This program raises awareness and highlights our eco-conscious community members by rewarding their contribution to lessen our footprint.


  • 健康的食物

    我们学校的食堂不仅提供有吸引力和营养的食物, 它还提供了通过回收和无托盘倡议来减少食物浪费的方法. 这家自助餐厅对可持续发展的承诺始于它对供应商的选择, 产品的选择和餐饮方案的设计. Menus change seasonally to reflect the fresh product available in the local market and to promote organic products. 午餐的特色是自制沙拉和沙拉酱,每天从零开始制作. 自助餐厅使用非笼养和人道认证的鸡蛋和海豚安全的水包装金枪鱼.
  • 生活的花园

    The 生活的花园 takes students outside their classrooms for hands-on opportunities to learn about growing local and organic food, 其中一些在学校的沙拉吧供应,或者在课堂上用于烹饪. 学生种植香草、香料、沙拉蔬菜、水果和蔬菜. Teachers utilize the 生活的花园 for educational programs as students learn about the ecological importance of plants, 我们与食物的关系, 并理解“我们吃什么就是什么”的深层含义.”
  • Naturescaping

    帕尔默三一学校强调选择在南佛罗里达自然生长的植物和灌木. 本地植物很好地适应了我们的地区,因此需要较少的水, 很少或不使用化肥或杀虫剂, 而且维护成本极低. 本土植物还能恢复自然系统,吸引本土昆虫、鸟类和野生动物.
  • 光伏系统

    Two photovoltaic systems (20 kilowatts and 14 kilowatts each) convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity for the school’s concession stand, 主图书馆, 还有基普农场的房子. Students can view in real time the production of the solar panels online and analyze how production is affected by weather conditions. The photovoltaic system produces significant energy and greenhouse gas emission savings as well as providing an extraordinary learning tool for the community.

    公共访问仪表板: http://monitoringpublic.solaredge.com/solaredge-web/p/网站/公共?name = Kipp 场房子# /仪表盘

    Kiosk视图: http://monitoringpublic.solaredge.com/solaredge-web/p/亭?guid = 63560444 - 63 - a8 - 4 - a6cbb9a-7acb1451f69a
  • 填海工程

    填海工程, 作者:Xavier Cortada, is a local eco-art project designed to educate South Floridians about the importance of mangrove forests in the protection of our coastlines from hurricanes, 作为鸟类和野生动物的家园, 作为沿海水域的清洁机制, 作为对抗全球变暖的一种手段. 每年,学生志愿者都会从沿海地区收集数百棵红树林的繁殖体. The propagules are then artistically exhibited in water-filled cups at the school w在这里 they are nurtured into seedlings during the school year and eventually planted to create new habitats. 欲知更多有关填海计划的资料,请按 在这里.
  • 回收

    帕尔默三一学校采用单流回收, 所有可回收材料和容器放置的系统, 未分类的, 在一个回收箱中,并在区域回收中心通过处理设备进行分类. 学校回收项目的目标是提高回收率, 减少浪费, 鼓励良好的习惯, 提高人们对消费模式的认识. As a result of the recycling program recyclables are diverted from the waste stream and natural resources avoid the landfill.
  • 可持续性公平

    每年, 帕尔默三一学校的学生们庆祝一个健康的节日, 更可持续的校园生活方式. Students display research projects in the school gym pertaining to a variety of topics including renewable energy, 减少温室气体排放, 以及改变世界的化学物质.
  • 可持续性的承诺

    Students at 帕尔默三一中学 have enormous power to institute change in their classrooms and campus community. 每年, 学生们接受可持续发展承诺,学习如何减少对环境的影响. “可持续发展承诺”是提醒我们养成良好环保习惯的好方法.
  • 节约用水

    Waterless urinals and water efficient faucets are utilized in the majority of restrooms and classrooms on campus. 无水小便池完全没有水或冲洗阀. 该系统无需触摸,可改善厕所卫生,并消除异味. 一个无水小便池平均每年可以节省2万到4.5万加仑的水. 节约用水减轻了城市水和废水处理的负担.